Services We Offer

The Konnect believes in reproducing expertly produced services that aim to target a wide array of domains such as VIP Assistance & Services Admin & Secretarial Support  Venue & Accommodation Destination Marketing & Promotion Registration Management Booth Fabrication, Social Programme & Entertainment, Outdoor Branding Activities amongst others.

Our key to a successful event lies in objective oriented planning that involves meticulously identifying a list of Do’s and Don’ts as per our customers’ satisfaction and henceforth putting our best foot forward in accomplishing those.Since we understand that our performance is the ultimate reflection of our clients’ brand and identity, The Konnect tries to transcend all the expectations in a meaningful and fruitful manner. This we believe leaves an everlasting impression and help “Konnect” with our customers on different levels.

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Services We Offer

Exhibition Management

We provide the finest booth fabrication facilities that include servicing and refurbishing of defined zones and articulately designed installations.

Destination Marketing & Promotion

With our creative and unique approach on destination marketing and promotion, we leave no stone unturned in offering our clients with the best of the pricing solutions and advertising without compromising on the product value. Thus, maintaining a consistent visitor experience.

Registration Management

Our dedicated team of executives ensure an efficient and accelerated management approach that help to build up foundations of an organized and proficient registration desk.

VIP Assistance & Services

It is in our top priority to provide both professional and personalized assistance to our customers including the VIP services. Our team ensures a warm welcome to the delegates participating in the event and extend to handling baggage, quick security check, managing check-in amongst other services.

Venue & Accommodation

Unique to our customer’s requirement, we provide excellent corporate accommodation solutions by finding the most appropriate pricing of value for money services and additional rate opportunities are created through the implementation and management of a preferred rate programme.

Secretarial Support

We take it upon ourselves to generate a supporting management team, including planners and executives that will assist in the development of our client’s vision and formulation. With efficient communication and follow-ups, we intend to give complete customer satisfaction.